Obedience is better than any sacrifice you can make

Obedience is better than any sacrifice you can make

“The spiritual warfare that the devil brings to us is to get us to disobey God. It is actually that simple, and when he brings it we must fight with every fiber of our being to obey God against all odds. That is what it means to resist the devil. If we resist him he will flee. Praying till daybreak may yield nothing if we turn around and fail the simple test the devil brings.

“Imagine a man who claims he is under spiritual attack and begins to engage in spiritual warfare. He prays all night with prayer warriors but the next day he gets a phone call from a girl he has been chasing since 3 years. He goes and sleeps with her. Yet he is claiming it is his enemies fighting him.

“My brothers and sisters, I bring to you a new way, a more excellent way. All these praying and casting and binding the devil is useless if we don’t see how he works. First of all, we can’t bind the devil. We can bind demons, but not the devil. If it were possible, Christ would have done it when He was on earth. Binding the devil is a privilege reserved for when the time is right.

“Obedience is better than any sacrifice you can make. Finally, I end with this: We don’t go fighting the devil. I believe it is unscriptural. He is the one that brings the fight, and we defend. And we defend by being obedient, taking every thought he raises captive to the obedience of Christ. Wearing our belt of truth and breastplate of righteousness. We defend by putting on Christ and resisting him. When he is done and realizes that you are still standing, he will walk away.”

—Melvin Ikenna Ejiogu

Melvin Ejiogu wrote this post In his Facebook page on July 21, 2020

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