I can fly. I flew over buildings yesterday

I can fly I flew over buildings yesterday
If I come to you and say, “I can fly. I flew over buildings yesterday.”
If you believe me and go out to a building rooftop and jump off, you will fall to the ground and die.
So maybe I should qualify my statement and say, “I can fly, with the right apparatus.
Folks, with the right apparatus, we can do all things in Christ. But without it, there are some things that if you try it, you may not like the result.
We can read certain scriptures and claim them by faith, but if we don’t let the Spirit of God guide us, we will be frustrated with the results we see. The Holy Spirit is the only right apparatus that guarantees you live out your faith. The word of God is not a fairytale.
So yes, before you imitate someone who can do all things in Christ, maybe, ask yourself, “Do I have the right apparatus? Do I have the covering of the Holy Spirit?
The Holy Spirit Himself has just one question for you. “Do you really think you can have the covering of the Holy Spirit when you are still tied to the world? Seek first things first.”
I spoke in parables. I hope you see the meaning of this parable.

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