The Greatest Reality Show

Unscripted Tales from Two Dimensions



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Do you yearn for more knowledge about this incredible life and the God who created it? This bestselling inspirational Christian book is the first installment in the Greatest Reality Show series, aimed at those who find the arcane language of scripture difficult to understand but still want to explore the world of religion and spirituality. It employs a creative way of preaching the Good News by asking the question: What if life were a reality show?

Doesn’t it sometimes feel like we are in one? What if this world were just a big stage, where actors come and go, but the show continues? And if it is so, then God must be the Director. The author of this bestselling Christian book uses a simplistic, yet thought-provoking and inspirational style of writing to make the historic and herculean “character” voices of God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and even Satan entertaining and easily relatable.

The first half of this book is narrated from God’s point of view, and helps its readers see the creation of the world from a unique, intimate perspective that proves our creation was not only intentional, but designed with love and incredible detail.

The author narrates the second half the book himself. He uses various stories to drive home the idea that life is the Greatest Reality Show. The author’s own heartfelt story strikes an endearingly personal tone and is one of the climaxes of the book.

If you are looking to gain more wisdom and understanding of the world around you, no matter your religion or level of spirituality, this book sheds light and inspiration on all those who read it.


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